Kehan C60 Pro only $99 on Kehan Black November Carnival

by Dimitris Economou 0

The other day we were talking about the Kehan C60 action camera and its advantage over other similar products. Its main advantage was the 30m waterproofing that is available out of the box. On the other hand, its main disadvantage is that its highest video recording resolution is only 1080p. Here is where Kehan C60 Pro comes in.

Kehan C60 Pro

The Pro version of the waterproof camera, is here to offer 4K video recording @30FPS. Indeed, a significant improvement over the base model. The second difference between those two, is the camera sensor. The Pro version features a Sony IMX179 sensor, whereas the base model features an OV4689 CMOS sensor. Oh yes, the Pro features a remote control too!

Kehan C60 Pro


The rest of the specs remain the same. The battery has a 900mAh capacity that allows for up to 90 minutes of continuous 1080p recording. As the Kehan Black November Carnival is running, the Kehan C60 Plus price is now $99. And of course, the free gift rules still apply here to. To learn more about the Kehan Black November, see our previous post here. At the same page you will find the C60 Pro offer. Or just click the link below.