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Elephone S7 short durability test (video)

by Dimitris Economou 8

Until now we have covered almost every aspect of the Elephone S7. The new flagship from Elephone, is equipped with deca-core Helio X20 SoC and with up to 4GB/64GB configuration. Not to mention its  gorgeous design and back cover with lumia waves which is made by 15 complicated manufacturing techniques.

Surely, the performance is going to be adequate for everyone, especially if you choose the device with 4GB RAM. So, we have a beautiful design, powerful hardware and almost stock Android experience. What else would someone want, right? Well, wrong. Durability is equally important in today’s smartphones. More important than the past since the powerful hardware is more future-proof than before.

Elephone S7 2GB-16GB

Even if it concerns budget flagships like the Elephone S7, competition is so high among Chinese manufacturers, that durability is a key feature. So, how durable can a device with so elegant appearance be? Elephone employees conducted a small experiment. They went out and started playing football with the device being the ball. Of course, the game took place on grass which is soft, but still not 100% safe for a device. One time, the kick was hard enough that the device ended up on the hard pavement. It still came out untouched.

Before you watch the video below, let us inform you that there is a silicon case on the device and as it seems from the closeup, it also has a tempered glass on. The silicon case is an excellent accessory for the S7 as it is reinforced on the corners for maximum protection.

Elephone S7 starts from $169.99 for the 3GB/32GB configuration. The 2GB/16GB is sold out and will not be available again. You can buy it here.

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  • Vishal Giri

    can’t say it’s a test, they had a bumper case on it..

    • BS

      l think they are representing their case here

    • MSi_ GS70_6QE

      dey dont wan to destroy it.. 😀

  • Saku

    Huh? What’s the point of testing its own durability when it was fully covered by a thick silicon-looking cover? 😒

  • BS

    l knew it’s durable since the moment l saw that rugged design

  • Acta.jr

    at lease there is no screen protector, however case color should be matte black,

  • Allanitomwesh

    All news of the Elephone R9, which was supposed to launch with S7, died. Just like P9000 Edge

  • Ricardo

    amazing giveaway!