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Another short durability test for the Elephone S7 (video)

by Dimitris Economou 6

Last week we saw a video by Elephone, demonstrating a short durability test. Their employees went out on the grass and started playing football with the device. The S7 came out untouched but there was a catch. The device had both the special anti-drop silicone case as well as a tempered glass on. Nevertheless, the device was full functional after all the kicking.

Elephone S7

This time, they decided to do a classic drop test like the ones you see on YouTube all the time. There was only one drop made and the Elephone S7 had the same protective accessories on. It looks like the anti-drop silicone case with the reinforced corners does a great job.


Although the case does a good job, it wasn’t an easy task at all. And that’s because the phone was dropped from head-height meaning it gained more speed before it hit the ground. If you want to own an Elephone S7 yourself, go ahead and visit the product page here. The first 2 batches of units are already on their way to their owners, so it won’t take long for yours to dispatch.

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  • Tremaine Underwood

    “The first 2 batches of units are already on their way to their owners, so it won’t take long for yours to dispatch….” and you are trying to tell me that you guys aren’t pushing these phones?

  • Saku

    Remove the plastic cover and drop it screen-first! I can agree it looks tough, but I doubt it can handle more than head-height fall without a cover.

  • Acta.jr

    this silicone case is great, sometimes it’s better than some rugged cases…

  • goodwill

    hmm.. I think gizmochina is on elephone payroll now… I wouldn’t call news on dispatch and etc as newsworthy. I don’t see gizmochina report these kinda news from other phones. I’m starting to lose interest in this tech blog

  • BS

    yes but glass is 2.5D or Gorilla Glass? they’re both strong enought to protect the screen from everyday objects…

  • Monica Fang

    the protective case and film are great, not the plastic back case. at least bluboo test their edge instead of protective case and film.