Onyx Black UMi Plus E Gets Banchmarked, Scores Above 60,000 Points

by Suhaib 3

A few days back we reported that UMi has released an Onyx Black version of UMi Plus E smartphone. UMi Plus E is the first phone in the world to be powered by the Helio P20 chipset along with 6GB of RAM. Now, this upcoming device is ready to hit the shelves but prior to that it receives the benchmark treatment. UMi has released a video which shows this smartphone in action. You can watch the video below.

After a brief look at the exquisite Onyx Black look, UMi Plus E undergoes Antutu benchmark test in which it is able to score 60,000 points. This score is 20% higher than Helio P10 and the power consumption is reduced by 25% owing to 16nm manufacturing process. In terms of GPU, there is an increase of 25% compared to Helio P10 with a 3D score of more than 11,000 points, so gaming will be smooth.

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Moreover, the 6GB RAM on this phone is put to test as well. More than 50 apps were launched simultaneously and they all stayed in the cache without slowing the phone down.

Let’s also take a brief look at the specifications of this phone one more time. The specifications include a 5.5-inch 1080p display, Helio P20 chipset, 6GB RAM, 64GB ROM, 13MP + 5MP camera, fingerprint scanner and CAT 6 4G LTE connectivity.