Big Wildlife Scouting Cameras discount from TomTop

by Dimitris Economou 0

Have you ever wondered how all the documentaries with wildlife animals are filmed? How can the producers record all those animals at such a close distance? Are they using telephoto lenses or do they use remotely controlled cameras? Well, today’s offer from TomTop will answer all your questions as they have huge discounts on Wildlife Scouting Cameras. Yes, they are cameras used to record wildlife animals without the presence of any human.

Wildlife Scouting Camera

There are four models available, each with different advantages. Two of them feature night vision so that you can record animals during the night. Also, one of them is GMS capable so that it can send you the video or photos taken to your email or your mobile phone. The discount is impressive, as it ranges from 62% to 65%. This way, everyone has the chance to obtain one as their price starts from $39.99. Below are the models and their corresponding links to the offers.

Wildlife Scouting Camera


Wildlife Scouting Cameras from TomTop

  1. Portable Wildlife MMS GSM HD Digital Camera 12MP, $89.87 (Product page)
  2. Digital infrared trail camera IR LED, $39.99 (Product page)
  3. LIXADA 120° Wide Lens Portable Wildlife Night Vision Camera, $39.99 (Product page)
  4. 12MP Trail Camera Wildlife Scouting Camera Infrared IR LED, $48.18 (Product page)

The promotion is already running and will be available for the next 8 hours.