Microsoft’s Cortana Comes Pre-Installed On the Xiaomi Mi Mix

by Suhaib 0

Xiaomi unveiled its bezel-less smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi Mix which received praise for the features and specifications it comes with from fans as well as tech enthusiasts. A lot is known about Xiaomi and Microsoft’s business partnership. That being said, Microsoft has sold around 1500 patents to Xiaomi and in turn, Xiaomi has installed some of Microsoft’s apps on Xiaomi Mi Mix. These apps include Microsoft Word, Excel. PowerPoint, Outlook, Email, and Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Cortana

The first time we heard about the Xiaomi-Microsoft relationship was back in May where Microsoft would sell patents to Xiaomi and Xiaomi will be shipping its phones with Microsoft’s apps pre-loaded.

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In future, we expect to see much more of this collaboration between Microsoft and Xiaomi. As for Cortana, Xiaomi Mi Mix is not the first phone to come with this personal assistant app. In the past, we have seen OnePlus smartphones namely OnePlus One and OnePlus Two receiving software updates which brought the Cortana functionality to these phones.