Meizu H1 Smartband Set to Launch on December 6 for ¥229 ($33)

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Meizu already has two devices set to launch in the next couple of days but according to an official, we should expect a third device. The device is a smartband called the Meizu H1 and is expected to launch alongside the Meizu M5 Note on the 6th of December.

Meizu H1

Meizu H1

Images of the smartband already leaked online shows that it will arrive in a black box with the words ”H1 Smartband” engraved at the top. The band doesn’t have a design that stands out from what we’ve already seen from other manufacturers. It has a display, which is probably OLED and it does the same thing you would expect from a regular smartband like tell the time, count steps, and measure your heart rate. What Meizu says is different about their smartband is the battery life which we are eager to confirm when it launches and we get to review it.

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The Meizu H1 also uses contact charging, hence you wouldn’t need cables to charge. The smartband is priced at ¥229 ($33) and the source that leaked the details of the smartband says there is more than sufficient stock available to cater for buyers.