Bluetooth Earphone deals at Banggood (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Now that the November wave of deals and discounts is over, offers continue to exist not so much on smartphones, though. It is time for gadgets and other accessories to get their fair share of publicity. Also, after the iPhone 7 announcement and its lack of 3.5mm headphone jack, fully wireless earphones have been popping up everywhere. Especially those Apple Pods knock offs. Today, we present three of those that are available on Banggood with similar functionality to those of Apple’s. But a lot more affordable of course.


DACOM GF7 TWS Bluetooth Earphones

Banggood Dacom

The first of the bunch is a Apple Pods lookalike mostly in terms of design and less in terms of functionality. Although we must admit that they have plenty of features. Firstly, they come with a charger box. It is a storage box as well as a charger. Just put the earphones in it and close the lid, it will begin charging automatically. They adopt the Bluetooth 4.2 protocol that allows for faster and more stable connection for up to 30m distance. Also, it features intelligent voice prompt and can indicate the real-time state of the earphones, such as low battery, successful connection, power on or off, etc. Lastly, it uses DSP noise reduction technology that can reduce ambient noise effectively to provide you with crystal clear phone calls.


Mykung-fu i7 In-ear Dual Bluetooth Earphones

Banggood Mykungfu

The second proposition uses a different design approach. Instead of following the Apple Pods style, it consists of just two earbuds that sit comfortably in your ear being discrete and lightweight. They too feature ambient noise cancellation as well as voice command prompt. On the other hand, this pair has Bluetooth 4.1 istead of the newer 4.2 allowing it connection for up to 10m. The killer feature is the charging box. It sports a 2.000mAh battery and doubles as a powerbank for your smartphone as well.


QCY Q29 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Banggood QCY

Lastly, the third pair of in-ear headset is the most compact of the three. It features Bluetooth 4.1  as well and has support for dual-device connection. Also, you can use either both or just one earbud. Its charging box is very compact and has removable silicone buds with additional sizes included. The QCY Q29 Mini is on offer with the use of coupon qcy29 that gives you 18% discount, bringing the price down to $49.