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Elephone Overseas After-Sales Service Center will be temporarily suspended

by Dimitris Economou 9

Elephone is one of the few Chinese companies that offer after-sales support outside of China. The company has four overseas after-sales service centers so, all in Europe: In Spain, Russia, Germany and the UK. In order to adjust the support system and better improve their service quality, Elephone After-sales Center is going to maintain and update the system. For that reason, all four service centers will have to be temporarily out of service.

Elephone H1

The maintenance will start on December 5th 2016 and all centers will stop accepting after-sale requests. Nevertheless, all the requests before that date will be proceeded as planned. This means that these customers will get normal service. The date of restart of the Overseas After-sales Service Center is not yet available. Elephone will announce it on their official social media channels as soon as everything is back to normal.

Elephone apologizes for all the inconvenience that may be causing and commits that the all-new Support will offer higher quality services.

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  • Yason Bedrigion

    Elephone is releasing phones faster then a farmer milking the cows.

    • Acta.jr

      hahahahahahahhahah nailed it

  • Midori Chen

    What happened actually? may I know?

  • Wolvie

    Since when Elephoney got after sales support ?

  • techi

    So there is no date for re opening??

  • Chandan Mitra

    Good that at least they informed, but what can be the cause?

  • Tremaine Underwood

    AH Dimitris my man, please check out Techmagnet’s for the S7 review. It will blow your mind, you guys have pushed this phone for so long because you are clearly being paid for these ‘news’ articles. His review unit has so many issues, this why we have been trying to warn people away from this phone. I am hoping our message has got through to some people because you guys are sad and shameless..This was just the proof I was waiting for.

  • BS

    because of what?

  • Acta.jr

    am l the only one who saw broken logo in main cover, before clickin’ it?