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ELE-BOX performs as amazing as it looks

by Dimitris Economou 6

We have already learned many things about the Elephone Ele-Box, the Bluetooth speaker from Elephone. But most of the information are about its design. A design that is objectively beautiful. The manufacturer claims that it isn’t all about the design. It is build quality and performance as well. This is apparent not only in the latest mobile devices of the company , but also in the Ele-Box.


Ele-Box is the first Bluetooth speaker of the company and it’s made with double color injection around the box, soft to touch, providing wonderful feeling. It comes with a 1000mAh battery,which can support 6 hours of continuous playback. The main feature of the BOX is fresh style as it’s not just a mini speaker to listen to your music. It is also a piece of art which will fit well in your home as it serves as a decorative too.


Hopefully, soon enough we will get the chance to test one ourselves so that we can determine the sound quality it offers.

More details will be available soon on

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  • jimberkas

    “ELE-BOX performs as amazing as it looks” blares the headline. And the article ends in a whimper…

    “Hopefully, soon enough we will get the chance to test one ourselves so that we can determine the sound quality it offers.”

    literally nothing in the article supports any claim that the ele-box performs amazing, really nothing about performance at all.
    Good god, at least put a little effort into your advertisements.

    • princetom

      You know how it is, its Dimitris

    • MaxPower

      I was going to say the same thing.

      I underestimated how virulent was this Elephone virus that rottens authors brain turning them into a sort of zombies.

  • techi

    I think it’s a repeated post ain’t it??
    I have read something similar like this about EleBox. Still have no idea when they are launching this?

  • Midori Chen

    It’s true that colors and design is pretty but I have a question about build quality. Will it survive after several drops?

  • Rocky Raja

    Are they going to reveal in market in end of December as Christians gift?