Huawei’s Concept Phone Launches Tomorrow Under The Honor Brand

by Habeeb Onawole 10

It is no news that Huawei is launching a concept phone. What is news is that it is launching tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow the 7th of December and it will be released under the Honor sub-brand.

Back when the rumor of a concept phone from the phone giant started floating around, the assumption was that it would be released under the main Huawei brand. However, earlier today, insider @Kevin King Diary posted on Weibo that the phone will wear the Honor name.


The reason for this is so that the phone doesn’t compete directly with the recently released Mate 9 Pro and Mate 9 Porsche Edition which both have curved-displays. And with the success of the Honor 8, whose only flaw is its limited band support we believe this new device will not disappoint. We hope the new concept phone has global band support though.

Honor Concept Phone

The Honor concept phone is expected to use a curved display supplied by Samsung and also be the first phone to feature Huawei’s super fast battery which charges up to 50% in just 5-minutes.

Another important detail leaked about the device is that it won’t feature many of the physical hardware components a phone is supposed to have like a camera and speaker but will instead come with a set of peripherals that will provide the required function.

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Does this mean we are looking at another Moto Z? It’s hard to ay for now but hopefully after the launch tomorrow, we should be able to understand how the phone works.