MGCOOL Outdoor Sports Products Flash Sale on GeekBuying

by Dimitris Economou 2

Well, maybe Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions have are over but promotions are not. For all the wannabe athletes out there, Geekbuying and MGCOOL have an Outdoor Sports Products Flash Sale promotion. The Flash Sale will include MGCOOL action camera series, Thunder, Whisper and Smart wristband. All of them are outdoor sports essentials, so you should take a look if you are outdoor enthusiasts.



Among the offers, notable is the MGCOOL 360 Camera that will be just $109.99, almost 45% discount. The 360 Camera is a new arrival. The 360 degrees angle shooting allows you to capture more detailed and high quality images distinguishing your photos from other normal cameras.

It features a dual lens to record your biggest life events and allows you to relive the wonderful moments. The 360 camera is suitable for many situations such as, surfing, parachute, concert, business conference, and so on. You can shoot photos and videos anytime anywhere you like!

Finally, this Flash Sale will last 10 days and will allow for up to 90% discount. So, plenty of time for you to think well before you place your order.