Elephone Max with Dual Camera will come with Android 7.0

by Dimitris Economou 7

It’s a fact that many users believe that the dual camera feature that appeared this year is just a gimmick. Well, there is some truth in it actually, but also it is a technology that could really make a difference in mobile photography. One of the dual camera devices soon to be released is Elephone Max.

Elephone Max

The main feature of dual-camera is the depth of focus. The new dual-camera system promises optical zoom with no moving parts, while also allowing for better noise reduction that’s not available on current phone camera sensors. With the help from the second sensor, the software can produce a Bokeh effect just like DSLR cameras do. By measuring the depth of field outside the focused item, it blurs the background giving a pleasant and exciting result and and better image quality. In addition, as long as both sensors are of good quality, it can improve low light performance.

The upcoming Elephone Max will feature a dual camera setup as well. In addition to the dual camera, the Max will be the first smartphone of Elephone with a display larger than 5.5″ and it will run Android 7.0 out-of-the-box. Lastly, it will sport an ultra-slim metal body and rear fingerprint sensor which could awake the phone without touching the home button.

What other function can you think for the dual camera setup? Let us know in the comments.