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UMi Best Seller “Annual promotion” on Gearbest

by Dimitris Economou 5

As 2016 is coming to an end, UMi wants to celebrate its successful year with an big promotion. And this is done in cooperation with Gearbest. After releasing nine different premium smartphones with gaining popularity, the company presents the UMi Annual Promotion to its customers around the world to express its gratitude. Not all devices are included in the promotion. Those on offer are the following.

UMi Annual Promotion

UMi Best Seller “Annual promotion” on Gearbest

  • Plus E, world’s first smartphone with Helio P20 processor, the latest 2016 flagship for only $228.99
  • Plus, UMi’s first Android Nougat phone with Helio P10, 4GB RAM, 4000mAh quick charge battery and Samsung PDAF camera for only $179.99
  • Diamond, the octa-core budget phone with 3GB RAM and high durable casing for only $99.99
  • MAX, the best price/performance ratio flagship killer with huge battery, packed in strong metallic casing for only $154.99
  • Super, the aerospace-class aluminum monster with 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM, back panel fingerprint sensor and 4000mAh quick charging battery for only $176.99

Also, UMi explains why they chose Gearbest for the promotion. Because for Gearbest, the customer is always king. In addition, their total commitment to customers empowers them to work closely together with every customer.

Lastly, You can find further information about the discounted and other UMi products on their official product pages. Go here for their smartphones or here for their accessories.

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  • Saku

    I simply cannot recall how many times I failed making an order from Gearbest. They do fake sales, they are blatant cheaters, out of my 5 failed purchases, I had to wait at least 3 weeks to get refunds and etc…

    But well, maybe it’s just due to the fact I live in the orientals. I’ve heard shoppers from US/UK do like Gearbest, but for me, meh, they’re 👎

    • TarhonyaSzelet

      I had 13 orders at gearbest until now (mostly discount offers) through the last 15 months but I received all of them without any issues. So your experiences seem to be quite unreal. I don’t know how a sale can be fake if you can buy a product for the advertised price, then you receive it.

      • Saku

        I put a clause in the end saying it might be an area issue. About the fake sales, I’ve literally lost sleep just to make it within the designated time for their flash sales which never had gone true in a full ten attempts, so I have basis on that claim. I won’t rebutted though, given you have successful dealings, just in my case, Gearbest has been plain and downright horrible.


    I still have a question, is UMi reliable?? Do they provide right specs to the customers? I saw an issue with battery there, is it true? Was it a scam? Or misunderstanding?

  • Midori Chen

    Diamond is a good deal for the price, but tell me who is going to buy Plus E with that price tag?? It does not make any sense, on that price there are so many other alternatives available in market.