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MGCOOL will release a new action camera to compete with GoPro

by Dimitris Economou 2

Action cameras have been one of the hottest gear in 2016. After the GoPro hit the market, a new category rose and bloomed immediately. Since then, many manufacturers entered this marker with similar or better specs that GoPro and with lower price. Contenders like the Yi cameras flowed into action camera market. Although many sports lovers are in love Gopro Hero5’s voice control and touch screen features, there are also many people turning their back on Gopro and go with Yi cameras. The Yi 4K action camera with [email protected], 2.19″ Gorilla Glass LCD screen offer high performance-price ratio.


But, are there any other worthy alternatives to these two? The answer is yes. MGCOOL is also a professional hardware company which has been committed to developing action cameras for a long time. So far, MGCOOL has developed a couple of action cameras which are very popular especially in Europe and it has received unanimous favorable comments from its customers.

According to rumors, MGCOOL will release a high-end action camera soon. Rumors have it that the new camera will sport the most powerful feature configuration, which can be comparable to Gopro Hero5 and Yi 4K action camera. That is quite appealing if the rumors are true. How powerful this new action camera will be? Voice control, touch screen, [email protected], GPS, remote control, large battery or more? We should be able to learn more information soon.

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  • Robin Sander

    They should start releasing firmware updates that fix certain issues with their action cameras that are already on the market and have been so for about 6 months like the Explorer Elite, before they release new models.

  • JohnThang

    Wow the specs are so damn cool (but probably it is only on the paper looks cool, the real product quality will be sucks big time and probably very bad build that can only survive for 6 months or less).