Meizu HD50 On Ear Headphones Review: Beautiful Metal Design, Costs Just $50

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Meizu is a known brand among Chinese smartphone fans, but many don’t know that the company first started out as an MP3 Player manufacturer. Hence, it does have a few years of experience in this field, and it’s trying to bring this experience on to the Meizu HD50 on ear headphones. It’s been quite a while since this headphone was first announced, but it’s still a popular buy among customers because of its cheap price and quality. So, read on to find out whether the Meizu HD50 is really a great on-ear headphones for just $50. Gearbest is currently running some kind of promotion for the headset which is why the price is discounted to $50 from the usual $55-$60 price tag.


meizu hd50 headphones

The Meizu HD50 Headphones comes in a premium packaging. The box is pretty simple, but once you open it, you’ll find another translucent plastic box inside with the words “For the lovely ones, Designed by Meizu”.

meizu hd50 headphones

I must say that the packaging is pretty neat and I love that the company has put so much thought into the overall package.

Open up the plastic box and you have a nice looking black case inside, which contains the headphones. The case is quite sturdy (good for carrying the headphones) and feels premium. Inside, the Meizu HD50 headphone is placed neatly, with a long 3.5mm jack wire and an additional adapter to connect to your larger audio equipments. Overall, I would give full points for Meizu in the packaging department. In addition to this, you also get a manual, which I personally didn’t care to read. I was quick to remove the headphones from the box and plug it into my computer.

You can take a look at the unboxing pictures added in the gallery below.



The first thing you notice about the Meizu HD50 headphones is that it screams quality. The company seems to have thought about the design thoroughly, making it user-friendly and beautiful to look at. The moment you look at these headphones you know that they are premium. The company has really nailed it in the design department, featuring a premium metal body and super soft ear cushions. The synthetic leather feels and looks great.

meizu hd50

Carrying the headphones around is also super easy, thanks to its multi-angle folding design. The black case is also sturdy making sure that the headphones inside are well protected. The wire disconnects from the headphones, which is once again handy to carrying it around.

meizu hd50 headphones

You also get a larger adapter (for plugging into your bigger audio equipments) in the box.

meizu hd50 headphones

Further, the quality of the three buttons (Volume +/- and Play/ Pause) are top notch. They have a nice clicky feel, which is great. The connectors on both the sides of the wire are also well built, making sure that it won’t break in your everyday use.

To sum it up, the quality of the Meizu HD50 headphones is amazing for its $50 price tag. Check out the gallery below for taking a look at its beautiful design.



The Meizu HD50 Headphones sits comfortably on your ears for long periods of use. I personally didn’t find any irritations using it for a couple of hours, but stretch that limit and you may feel like taking a break. I initially thought my glasses could turn out to be an issue, but it posed no problem while listening on the headphones. Just make sure you wear the headphones correctly (there are left (L) and right (R) markings inside the ear cups) to ensure a perfect fit.

meizu hd50 headphones

You can extend both the sides to a considerable extent to make sure that the headphone fits everyone including people with relatively large heads. However, people with small heads could face some issue getting the perfect fit. But that, I guess, is a problem with every on ear headphones.

meizu hd50 headphones



For $50, the sound quality of the Meizu HD50 headphones is great. Now, remember, we are talking about the quality output relative to other headphones in this range.

In the few days I have been using this headphones, the HD50 produced great lows. However, the bass is not too heavy to interfere with other levels. You get a crisp loud thumping sound, which I feel is great. Now there are some headphones in this range that product too much bass, but this one manages to keep the bass levels in control, giving you great output, especially for EDM music.

meizu hd50

The mids are quite decent as well, but I would have liked the headphones to product better treble. I personally think that the treble output lacks detail. But if you factor in everything, the overall sound output from the HD50 headphones is quite good.

Because of the average treble and mids, you may not be entirely immersed in the music. Don’t get me wrong, the output was great for a $50 headphone, but I often felt that there was something missing in the overall experience. To be honest, how much immersive experience you get from these headphones really depends on the songs you listen to. Bass heavy songs with limited vocals sound great, but there are some songs that I felt wasn’t entirely justified by these headphones. Still, even these songs sound pretty decent.

Noise isolation is great, as the only sound you’ll hear is the output from the two earcups.


It is worth noting that the Meizu HD50 comes with a microphone and its clarity is good, as the person on the other side could hear me very clearly.



For $50, the Meizu HD50 turns out to be quite a good option. While I feel the sound quality of the headphones could have been more immersive, what’s really the highlight of these headphones is its looks.

 meizu hd50 headphones

The HD50 looks so much better than many of the competitors in this range (most are large, with plastic built) and that itself is one good reason to go for these. The sound quality is also decent and I feel most of the users would be happy with its output.


The Meizu HD50 Is A Premium Looking On Ear Headphones With Good Sound Quality

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  • great review!

    • Joe

      thanks man!

  • Raky_b

    I am using those for 6 months now, qnd i must say i am very pleased.
    I have Senshaser Momentum wireless, and they costs about 6 time more, and you can feel difference, but sound that HD50 produces is very close with quality.
    My main concerns are bad microphone, which can be problematic for phone calls (many of my colleagues said that they hear my steps while walking, better than me talking) and i would not agree with statement from this review that they fits good even with glasses.
    Maybe my glasses are that cases problem, but i don’t feel comfortable with them. While waring lences, i am ok with 5-6 hours listening those, but with glasses i can’t.

    Anyway, if you are looking for a good on ear headphones, i would recommend this all the way to 150$ price range.

    • Joe

      I had trouble with my glasses at first, but I realized I could adjust my glasses to a position where it doesn’t bother me anymore. But to be honest, I haven’t tried using the headphones for 5-6 hours at stretch.