Software highlights of Blackview P2 and more real photos

by Dimitris Economou 4

Blackview P2 is about to hit the market and so far we know everything about its hardware specs. But what about its software features? Will it have a pure Android installation or will it feature extra functions? The answer comes from Blackview that gives us a small list of the extra features the device will sport.

Blackview P2

Blackview P2 software highlights

1. Optimized audio effect software greatly enhances the user experience when using earphones, Bluetooth headset, and other sound equipment.

2. Any installed application can be locked by the user’s fingerprint. Moreover, the notification message of the SMS app and the latest used app can also be encrypt by fingerprint.

3. Making screenshot freely. You can take a screenshot of a certain part of your display instead of the whole thing.

4.  Screen mirroring. Blackview P2 is capable of casting its screen to a smart TV.

Additional features are being tested as we speak and will be ready for release later on. One more inportant feature that many device lack of, is the notification LED. It features 3 colors, Red, Green and Blue.

Lastly, the manufacturer released some real photos of the Matte Black version of the P2. As a reminder, it will come in 4 colors, Matte Black, Champagne Gold, Mocha Grey and Iron Blue. For more information, visit