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Elephone Z1 can run 40 apps at once without any lag

by Dimitris Economou 15

Since the first device with 6GB RAM hit the market, there has been a debate about how practical and useful is such a large amount on a mobile phone. Or is it a gimmick? Well, the vast majority of users don’t know how much RAM their device features. Also, many don’t care either, until their device starts to lag and closes apps in the background.

Elephone Z1

Just think of, let’s say, 40 cars running side by side in a narrow traffic lane, how crowded and slow it would be. Now, imagine that 6GB RAM is just like a very wide traffic lane on which 40 cars could run side by side. Elephone Z1 using 6GB DDR4 RAM and 64GB of internal storage, can not only meet your needs for a large internal storage, but also provide your content at a high speed. With Elephone Z1 you could run 40 apps at the same time without any lag. So, just forget apps like task killers and lagging for good.

Try running 40 apps on your current phone simultaneously, and see what would happen.

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  • jimberkas

    why the hell would anyone run 40 apps at the same time on their phone?
    nice looking render though.

    • my point exactly. 40apps?? that’s just a marketing gimic

  • Q

    40 calculators maybe:) try to run typical apps like skype, whatsapp, PDF reader, browser, some game… 12GB is not enough.. Don’t make fool of us…

    • goodwill

      It seems like Gizmochina mods are not capable of thinking anymore. They just post what the PR team forward to them..

    • Acta.jr

      l was wondering if anyone uses skype anymore :3

      • goodwill

        I guess you have never worked in an office environment before. To date even tech (specially, tech companies) companies use Skype for international conferences, meetings, joined international training sessions and classes, international interviews and etc. haha

        • Nilzie

          They use Skype for business, not Skype.

          • goodwill

            Both. Many use their personal Skype as well to connect. I know this cause I used to work for major e-commerce industries in SEA.

        • Acta.jr

          same shit

  • Albino

    Wonder the price tag on this one.

    • BS

      350$ maybe or 400$

      • Albino

        Way too much for a elephone.

  • willysson

    Would make more sense to have RAM dedicated towards camera buffer.

  • BS

    also please design a new camera interface, if these guys want to look special make it, whenever l look a chinnese smartphone umi, elephone, ulephone, bluboo, vernee, always same annyoing, onld, and annoying camera app, designs by ele are awesome

  • Acta.jr

    6GB ram, im not surprised…