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Ulefone Gemini Pro will feature Helio X27 and triple 13MP cameras For $199.99

by Dimitris Economou 17

Ulefone has released so many budget phones this year after the Ulefone Future, leaving consumers to guess if they have given up the high-end market. But actually, several high-end projects have been ongoing at Ulefone. And will come out intensively in early 2017.

Ulefone Gemini Pro

The first of them will be Ulefone Gemini Pro, a dual camera device packing the Helio X27 SoC, 4GB RAM, and 128GB of internal storage. Both back cameras will be 13MP while the front camera will have the same resolution. Running Android 7.0, the Gemini Pro will sport a metal unibody with the fingerprint scanner on the front panel, under the 5.5″ display. Also, Quick Charge and USB Type-C will be present.

Offering such top-rank specs, Ulefone plans to price the Gemini Pro at only $199.99. Perhaps the best deal we will see in a period of time. So far, this project is nearing production and it will hit the market after the Chinese Spring Festival.

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    too fucking EXPENSIVE !

    • What? 199$ for a X27 and Dual-Cams, I say that’s pretty cheap, but it’s Ulefone so, probably crap 😀 But, definitely not expensive.

      • Yep, definitely not expensive.
        And they haven’t had a really successful device after Vienna or Power.
        Mediatek’s P10 gave us so many laggy Chinese smartphone, only the big guns used that SoC well, others like UMi, Ulefone, Elephone… all devices they produced were total crap.

        This seems interesting though… and they’d probably also have a standard version of the phone if this is being titled as ‘Pro’. Looking forward to that too.

        • Trayanee

          I have to disagree. Metal received good reviews and they didnt have more successful devices because they didnt launch many other. The future should have had the X20 but otherwise they kind of stayed away of the crazy Umi/Elephone device flood

          • I actually like Ulefone, especially the Vienna and the MTK6752 powered Be Touch. But the latest devices haven’t impressed me a lot.
            I can agree that P10 is probably only good for multitasking, and sucks for heavy apps – so the Future is fine.
            But the battery life on both the latest devices isn’t that great.

        • That is why you don’t Buy Elephone/Ulephone/Doogee/UMi.
          Performance is there, but built quality and especially cameras are always below par.

          • Haven’t bought one yet, and I worry this will be the biggest issue if I do get it some time in the future.
            I did get an Ecoo e04 Aurora which ended up being an Elephone sub-brand and was truly awful.

          • Nilzie

            My experience with Homtom, Cubot and Elephone has been great build quality. But yeah cameras on sub 100 dollar phones will suck, that’s undeniable

          • I didn’t mention Cubot, they are OK.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        haha .. by expensive i sorta misquoted it (i was sleepy af yesterday!)

        but the quality it’ll offer , will be that of a sub-$100 phone. that dual cam will prolly be a gimmick and s/w won’t be good enough to take full advantage of the multiple cores in x27

        • Nilzie

          You never touched a Ulefone phone, how can you know?

          • Muhammad Yasir

            fair point … but all reviewers can’t lie in unison and so collectively… unless they ALL paid off by rivals

            conclusively something is wrong with Ulefone QC

  • Tommi

    6GB RAM please 🙁

    • Nilzie

      What do you need 6 gigs ram for?

  • Assefa Hanson

    come on gizmo…… notebook italia had this phone introduced weeks ago, you guys never even coveted anything frpm the global exhibition weeks ago so in a couple weeks ypu guys will talk about the ulephone power 2(boring phone anyways) and other ulefones all tue new oukitels homtom etc etc that were at the global exhibition?

  • Chandan Mitra

    What about the battery life?? It isn’t mentioned here.

  • Jonathan Feaver

    I bought the Ulefone future,the screen shut down after two weeks,Ulefone were not interested in helping me and even called me a lier,I would never buy another phone from them.The screen started to blink and then only half would start,they said I had done it.So I have a phone two weeks old,that has been a paper weight since I bought it.Bad phone and worse company,never anything from ULEfone