Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus to feature a 6″ display?

by Dimitris Economou 0

So far, Samsung has chosen to keep their premium Series devices below the 6″ threshold. The original Galaxy Note featured a 5.3″. The second generation went up to 5.5″ and all the rest, including the recalled Note 7, sported 5.7″ displays. According to a new report, Samsung will enter the phablet territory and will introduce a Galaxy S8 Plus model with 6″ display.

Galaxy S8 Plus Mockup

The same report claims that the Korean giant has already ordered parts for two devices, one with a 6″ display and one around the 5″ size. Apart from the size, rumors say that there will be no physical home button no more and that the display will occupy the biggest part of the front panel. This way, the dimensions will remain the same as the Galaxy S7 Edge, despite the bigger screen.

Another market prediction, is that Samsung will drop the “Edge” moniker, as both its devices will come with a curved display. Also, it is believed that there will be no announcement of the device at the MWC ’17 and that there will be a separate event. Kind of like what Apple did in the past with the Macworld conference.

Galaxy S8 Plus Mockup

Since Samsung is still testing multiple prototypes of the S8 Series, information are conflicting. One day there is no 3.5mm jack and the next day it pops up again. Nothing is certain yet. Nevertheless, as time for the announcement is approaching, more will surface.



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