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No1 G3+ is a smartwatch with rotary dial

by Dimitris Economou 2

No1 continues its tradition of releasing cool smartwatches. This time, the new No1 G3+ adopts the rotary dial that Samsung introduced in its own smartwatch (and formerly introduced by Apple in iPod). It is yet unknown when it will be officially out, but considering the fact that it is ready, it won’t take long.

No1 G3+

Unfortunately, the No1 G3+ doesn’t have full  Android installed as previous models had. This is not a bad thing though. Full Android is super, but considering the weak specs and battery these devices carry, it is a bit overwhelming. To cope with that problem, the company has developed its own OS and it looks good. The user interface is adjusted to work with the rotary dial as well as with touch input.

As for its features, it is able to work with both iOS and Android devices to deliver push notifications for calls, messages as well as notifications from social networks. Also, it has the ability to monitor your sleep, your heart rate as well as your steps. It is water resistant to everyday activities and will also notify you in case you forget it. In addition, it will remind you to sit up and take a break from your desk at work.

No1 G3+

No1 claims that it features sapphire crystal on the front and that the body is made of stainless steel. Lastly, its display is 1.3″ all round of 240×240 resolution and the battery has 380mAh capacity. More information on the release date will be available soon. In the meantime, you can find the full features here.

No1 G3+

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  • Ajit Singh

    Why are you so afraid to call it a Samsung Gear S2/S3 clone?

  • Adithya Raman

    It is a good looking clone.