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Real photos of Elephone S7 show its beauty

by Dimitris Economou 10

Elephone S7 has been in the news daily since the first rumors emerged. The problem is that it mainly appears in renderings. Yes, it is beautiful, but how much exactly?

Elephone S7 real photos

How many real pictures of S7 have you seen? Even the simplest photo of the device seems stunning. Just take the shot casually and the photo reveals its beauty.

Recently we happened to get some real photos of Elephone S7. The lumia rays are a result of the light reflecting on the glossy surface of the phone.

Elephone S7 real photos

These lumia waves are one of the device’s most recognizable features. The backcover is manufactured using a 15-layer complicated processes. The company says that the inspiration of the clean, smooth backcover design came from the water.

Also, Elephone recently released a limited edition of the S7 with the Helio X25 on board and 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

You can purchase the S7 directly from Elephone’s eshop or its official resellers who you can find here.

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  • Why don’t you guys marry Elephone already?

    • princetom

      U mean Dimitris?

      • Wolvie

        LOL, now i always try very hard not to slam those fake paid poster trolls.

        It is just feel very bad to see them posting untruth wording and in the end people got cheated buying Elephoney products using their hard-earn money only to find out later that they’ve been con buying a substandard products *sigh*

  • Rocky Raja

    I’m already confused between the Helio X25 and X27 in the special edition.

    • Dimitris

      Sorry, it is Helio X25. Already corrected it. Thanks.

  • Midori Chen

    Ohh those glossy lumia waves.. 💟
    I loved the blue colour also. My order is yet to be delivered, once I receive the S7 I will post few pics of it.

  • Chandan Mitra

    Can’t wait for it to arrive. Looks so good in while holding in hands. Thanks for the pics by the way. I hope it’s a worth buying.

  • techi

    I already have seen real pics in review of this device in YouTube there they said this is a masterpiece for this budget and for multitasking. Only the camera is bit laggy for the image stabilization, I hope they can improve it soon via OTA update.

  • Elephone has always had good hardware — that’s not in question. The big question mark is the software.

  • Foxy

    Niiiice, unfortunately it’s an Elephone, so crappy software and no customer care.