Elephone Max is now officially Elephone C1 Max (real photo)

by Dimitris Economou 3

Elephone Max is in the news for some time now. It is touted as the first 6″ device of Elephone. Today, we have a real photo of the device which we had seen only in render photos until now. Also, its name changes and from now on, it is called Elephone C1 Max.

In the photo below, we can see a working device in Obsidian Black color. It looks impressive and its massive display looks gorgeous. If Elephone has manages to make the display completely black while off, the result will be breathtaking. It would be like a single piece of black, glossy glass. Although the screen is large at 6″, the device is compact thanks to it very thin body.

Elephone C1 Max

And maybe Chinese manufacturers didn’t do too well on the software part, this has changed recently. Apart from the hardware features like the dual camera on the back, it is said that the Elephone C1 Max will come with Android 7.0 out-of-the-box. And if Elephone continues to deliver constant updates, it will be a good choice for phablet lovers.

What’s more, Black may be a classic choice, but is also a smart one. With a display this big, it adds a humble tone to the device. Being large, it would be an eye-catcher if its color was more vibrant. Besides, Black is an all-circumstance color. You can take it with you on a business meeting as well as a wild party. It fits everywhere.

So, from now on, the Elephone Max is officially the Elephone C1 Max. To learn more about Elephone, just visit their official website here.