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Elephone S7 makes for a perfect New Year gift

by Dimitris Economou 11

As 2017 is just around the corner, everybody wants to reward himself with a gift to make up for the hard working year that passed. Or maybe surprise your loved ones with some nice gifts. Today, among dozens of smartphones, one of the most impressive in terms of design and cost/performance ratio is the Elephone S7. Below are a few reasons we would choose the S7 as a New Year gift.

Elephone S7 gift

1. Elephone S7 is the only phone with both Helio X20 processor and the most budget price: $169.99

2. Equipped with not only the powerful Helio X20 chip but also with 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage for the highest configuration

3. High screen-to-body ratio. It is a 5.5″ 1080p in-cell display with non-existent bezels on the sides

4. Fast charging allows for 50% battery charging within 45 minutes

5. Many software features such as eye mode, sun screen and split screen guarantee a seamless user experience

6. Home button also serves as fingerprint sensor on the front ,off-screen wake-up is supported and also comes with E-touch 2.0 gesture feature

7. With design playing a big role when choosing a device, the lumia waves created by a complicated 15 layers process offer a stunning visual effect.

To sum up, If you want to gift a beautiful yet affordable flagship to someone, then Elephone S7 is the choice to go for. You can find it here.

Lastly, for more product updates, follow Elephone on Twitter.
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  • “Elephone S7 makes for a perfect New Year gift”

    No, the Redmi Note 4 its a lot better option than that phone.

    • Tremaine Underwood

      Yup hands down, in fact there are are a ton of others that come to mind as well. Shame Elephone must have given him a small bonus so now Dimitris is pushing the S7 for new year 🙂

      • Rob

        I think everyone on here has had a christmas bonus from Elephone as they’ve all been pushing it for weeks!

        • Saku

          True, that someone here post Elephone articles, even the most irrelevant rumors, frequently. Not to mention, the fake sales too. Gosh, he’s too obvious.

  • John Doe

    “lumia waves created by a complicated 15 layers process offer a stunning visual effect”
    wow you guys are letting the Elephone marketing department write these “articles” directly now?

  • BS

    yes, hope it’s true, l ordered one and ‘now im excpeting a lot from this phone 🙂

    • R2D2

      Dont get your hopes up. Just saw 3 reviews of the device and it was total crap.
      Scratches on the back apear immedaitly after you unbox it, almost like a built in feature.
      Screen calibration is way of and delay when swipping or touching with your fingers. Home button gestures have a mind of there own. Software optimization… whell its elephone i realy dont need to say more. Sound from the speakers probably the worst this year. One reviewers headphone jack didnt even fit proparly, whas way to loose just like elephone’s quality controle. Gps problems. Compas problems. Shitty video recorder choppy and greany. Frontfacing potato can record but only in style and quality of a vga camera.
      Software updates WHAT ARE THOSE!!! Elephones employes say, so dont count on that.
      But just look on youtube or read the review articles of the elephone s7.
      Good look with your order.

      • BS

        hope not….

  • Chandan Mitra

    Hope I made a right decision by ordering it. This device comes with lots of awesome features at comparably cheaper price, the curved screen and the dazzling back design can not be ignored.

  • Midori Chen

    Yesterday on a video review I saw the camera of Elephone S7 is the most under rated part, where as it can shoot RAW image and also has Electronics Image stabilization in both still photo and video.

  • fido futte

    Elephone S7 is PVC plastic phone , and display is very bad in direct sunlight- not quality phone!