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UMi changes to Umidigi and introduces UMi Z along with Umidigi Z Pro!

by Dimitris Economou 3

The latest and greatest device of 2016 for UMi, the UMi Z has finally an official presale date: the 4th of January! Previous release date was 26th December, but UMi pushed it forward to January 4th for a simultaneous release of another variant of the Z, the Umidigi Z Pro. Rumors say that it is a 13MP dual-lens camera phone, which will start the pre-sale period on the very same day.

Umidigi Z Pro

Yes, you read that right. UMi is from now on renamed to Umidigi as according to the official statement at UMi website, the company is moving from UMi to Umidigi in 2017 for brand expansion, hence the different name used for the smartphone.

Our information say that Umidigi Z Pro is sharing the same CPU with UMi Z. So, they should perform the same in this department. Let’s take a first look at the powerful Helio X27 Deca-Core SoC on the AnTuTu Benchmark in the video below.

The overall AnTuTu Score of the UMi Z hits an impressive 116.486 points, making it the most powerful device from UMi, ever. The 3D Score gives a score of 18.581 points, which is enough power to run smoothly every new-gen game.

Umidigi Z Pro

In addition, UMi Z packs 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage with SD support up to 256GB. Two 13MP Samsung sensors lay on both sides of the full metal body. Also, the display carries a 5.5″ Sharp panel and the Sony battery has 3780mAh capacity. Umidigi Z Pro should be sharing the same hardware but with the addition of a dual rear camera.

Umidigi Z Pro

UMi Z will be the last smartphone under the UMi label. From Z Pro onwards, all the smartphones will carry the Umidigi label.

The listing price of UMi Z is $279.99, but you can visit UMi’s website and obtain a $60 discount. If you are fast enough to require it among the first 10.000 people that is. So hurry up and snap the deal now here!

Umidigi Z Pro

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