Vernee Apollo unlocks faster than iPhone 7 Plus (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Recently Vernee launched its newest model, Vernee Apollo, its latest flagship and the first Mediatek VR device. Besides deca-core Helio X25 SoC, 2K display, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, and 21MP rear camera, Apollo also comes with a VR box. However, high configuration doesn’t necessarily mean fast and smooth experience. These two are closely related to the optimization and development ability of the manufacturer.

Vernee Apollo

Vernee claims that Apollo can be unlocked within 0.1 second. To support that claim, they made a video comparison between the Apollo and iPhone 7 Plus to demonstrate the super-fast fingerprint sensor of their device.


Vernee says that they have been optimizing the Apollo for three months prior to its launch. Apart from how fast the sensor is, the fingerprint registration process can be finished with mere 8 times of fingerprint input. Vernee engineers reduced the most time-consuming step (the verification) to 0.05 second and equipped Apollo with super fast SPI speed (>16Mh) and high power efficiency (<20 μA).

Vernee Apollo

Apart from how fast the unlocking is, there are two more major features that make the Vernee Apollo stand out from other flagships.


1. Screen-off wakeup on Vernee Apollo

For most smartphones, the screen lights up after the recognition process. However Apollo’s screen unlocks during the same time the sensor recognizes your fingerprint.


2. Parallel connected matching process

Common smartphones need to go through “series connected” fingerprint matching process before unlock. That means that fingerprint 1 will be first to be matched, and fingerprint 2 will be used when fingerprint 1 fails and so on. However, in the “parallel connected” fingerprint matching process of Apollo, all the 5 sets fingerprint will be matched at the same time, consuming less time.

Vernee Apollo

But it’s not enough to just unlock faster. The recognition rate is a more important factor. Vernee Apollo adopts 0.18 μm analogue-digital hybrid process, and comes with 112*96 pixel contact area which allows for 360° readability. Due to analog circuits and algorithm optimization, it solves the problem that wet finger can’t unlock the phone. What’s more, Vernee Apollo has an image acquisition frequency of up to 50 times per second, much higher than the common 20-30 times per second.

You can learn more about the Vernee Apollo here, or purchase it directly from Gearbest.