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UMiDIGI Z Pro: First Mediatek smartphone with 26MP Dual-lens Camera

by Dimitris Economou 11

Yesterday we learned about the existence of the UMIDIGI Z PRO, The first UMi Phone under the new UMIDIGI logo. The first phone of the new era of the company is Z Pro, which features the same specs as UMi Z. But it also adds a very appealing dual-lens Camera setup with two 13MP cameras. A premiere among Mediatek’s phones.



Dual-lens Cameras with Sony IMX258 13MP+ 13MP sensors and 13 MP Selfie Shooter with Soft Light

UMiDIGI Z Pro is not holding back on camera department. It features dual 13MP Cameras with SONY IMX258 sensors on the back with Dual ISP laser and with a 13MP Samsung sensor with Soft Light on the front for perfect selfies. UMIDIGI Z Pro is the first ever Mediatek device which reaches the elite of dual camera phones. Only very few models worldwide from very well known brands offer this kind of quality of the sensors, but their price is way higher.

Umidigi Z Pro


What is the purpose of a dual camera phone?

Right now, there are two implementations of dual camera setups. The first is the one Apple uses in iPhone 7 Plus, where the secondary lens is a telephoto that is used for optical zoom as well as for measuring depth of field around the object to create a Bokeh effect. The second, is the approach of Huawei, where the second lens has a B&W sensor that helps in low light conditions as well as making colors more vibrant and accurate.

UMiDIGI chose to go with the first approach. So, when you shoot a portrait for example, the second lens will measure the depth of field around the main object. And then -with the help of software- it will blur the background creating a Bokeh effect.

TOP Dual-lens Flagship in the current market
UMiDIGI Z ProiPhone 7 PlusHuawei P9Honor 8Xiaomi Mi5S Plus
MTK Helio X27 Deca-core 2.6GhzA9 1.85GhzKirin 955 2.5GhzKirin 950 2.3GhzSnapdragon 821 2.35Ghz
First Dual-lens flagship  from MTKFirst Dual-lens flagship from AppleFirst Dual-lens flagship from KirinFirst Dual-lens flagship from Snapdragon


UMiDIGI is very confident about the Z Pro. Specifications are top ones on every department, nevertheless, price remains reasonable. You can purchase the UMiDIGI Z Pro for $329.99. It may be the most expensive device from the company so far, but it still is a midrange price for a flagship device.

Lastly, UMi Z, the single camera version of Z PRO is listed for $279.99. The presale starts on January 4th, with an impressive 60$ discount if you subscribe to the Umi Z activity on this page. Mind you that discounted units are limited!

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  • Nilzie

    They haven’t gotten it right with just one camera before, so I am very skeptical

    • Rob

      Well now they get to screw it up twice! Unfortunately most manufacturers seem oblivious to the fact that a great sensor alone does’t make a great camera.

  • Nilzie

    How convenient…. They left out the price of Honor 8 which is about the same price as this phone, maybe even a little cheaper. I dont know about you guys but I would take honor 8 over this in a heartbeat, let alone the phones you can get from xiaomi or leeco for 330 bucks.

  • Assefa Hanson

    Wow did you say their is only two implementations of dual cameras? What about lg’s super wide angel lens?

    • Dimitris

      It’s basically the same as the iPhone implementation. If you zoom while using the wide lens, it switches to the secondary lens when it reaches the angle view of the first lens.

      • Assefa Hanson

        Ahhh ok

  • Assefa Hanson

    There isn’t just two implementations of dual cameras but about 4 , there is lg’s super wide angel lens and also 3d capture photos, the first dual snapdragon flagship was the HTC Evo but a more recent one is the qiku q terra

  • Saku

    Umi does great-looking phones, but connectivity aside, their cameras are below mediocre too. They kept on using the same Samsung sensor in the past. Now, they are finally using Sony, but again, tweaking is a matter of importance. They are seriously mistaken if they will just put the sensor as it is and claim their cameras are an utter upgrade of their past units.

  • Rich Galvan

    I have the Umi Super. Love the phone. Does anyone know if this phone will have the T-Mobile/ATT LTE bands? (for US Market)

    • Sean Nosecondname

      I’d doubt it. It’s a big gripe with their recent releases, the umi z and plus E.

  • Sean Nosecondname

    Who cares. It’s a phone. Just buy a camera if you’re concerned about taking snazzy pictures. I have taken a few pictures with my umi plus E and z phones. They’re fine. Not works of art but then I’m not putting the images in an art gallery. People get too hung up on the camera. One of the least important factors on a smartphone. Solid build, connectivity, speed and responsiveness as well as touchscreen sensitivity and screen quality are really what matters to me. Then, I guess I’m a fudfy duddy and not part of the selfie generation.