BOGOF! Buy one Elephone and get one free on New Year’s Day! (Update)

by Dimitris Economou 9

It was about time Elephone announced its promotion for the New Year’s Eve! And what a promotion it is. The company, to thank all of those who are with them all the time and because of their warm support and trust, Elephone wishes you the best.

As 2016 is ending and a brand-new 2017 is around the corner wants to repay its supporters with a New Year Sale! But this time there is no discount… It’s something bigger. BOGOF! No, that’s not a bad word. From December 31 20:00 to January 2nd 23:59, Elephone P9000, Elephone S7 and many other hot-sale models will show up in this campaign. So, what’s the offer? You buy the device that you want and you get another one for free!

Elephone BOGOF

To tell the truth, even we are impressed by the promotion that Elephone chose to go with this year. Think of it as a 50% discount as you can together with a friend or relative, split the cost of one device in half and get a device each. Hmm… I’m starting to get tempted to buy one myself although I don’t need it! What do you think of the offer? Would you buy one for yourself?

The promotion will be available on the specific dates here.


UPDATE: It seems that there is no free smartphone after all. The gift that you get is the Elephone E1 headset.