Elephone Z1 will carry the 16nm Helio P20 SoC

by Dimitris Economou 5

Elephone Z1 is one of the several devices that Elephone will bring to the market soon. It not only features gorgeous design, but a high-end configuration as well. The internal components help the Z1 perform smoothly even under ultra-heavy workload. Inside of the Elephone Z1 is a 16nm chip, the Helio P20. What is 16nm transistor technology? Why is Helio P20 an excellent chip?

Elephone Z1

With the advance of the times, everything is getting smaller, the GPU included. In terms of mathematics, 1nm =0.000000001 meters. You may see a lot of zero after the decimal point, but you can’t compare it to something in real life. Let’s make a comparison. The thickness of our nail is 0.1 mm (0.0001 m). Cut that nail into 100,000 layers and you get a layer of about 1nm.

Since there are many transistors in the chip of a smartphone, the size of the transistor is critical. By using the 16nm manufacturing process, one chip can contain much more transistors compared to 22nm transistors. The more the transistors, more efficient the processor will be. At the same time, the power consumption is lower with the 16nm technology.

Just like a task assigned to many individuals. The efficiency increases along with the number of people. And the workload of each person will be less. With the chip size reduction, there is more room for bigger batteries or thinner devices. The ELephone Z1 will be soon available. For more information visit Elephone.hk.