Cubot Rainbow 2 with dual camera is coming soon

by Dimitris Economou 1

Cubot Rainbow is a low budget device from the company that hit the market in June last year. Due to the great success of Rainbow, Cubot is ready to release the second version of the device, the Cubot Rainbow 2. As the company says, since the 1st Gen design was a success, the same more or less design will be retained on the outside.

Cubot Rainbow 2

On the inside though, the differences are going to be huge. The Rainbow had mid to low specs and a price tag of about $60. The new version is going to feature a dual camera on the back, meaning that it carry one of the modern Mediatek SoCs with support for dual cameras. And since the dual shooter needs more horsepower and RAM, it will most likely feature more that 1GB RAM.

In addition, Cubot says that the dual camera setup will offer sharper photos as well as better low light results. That makes us think that the same implementation as in the Huawei P9 has been chosen, where one sensor is B&W. Lastly, there are no information at all about the release date or price, but we should know soon.

For more information on Cubot devices, visit their official page.