Elephone P25 will come in Mocha Gold color option

by Dimitris Economou 9

What’s the first thing you notice about when buying a smartphone? Is it the specs, or maybe the design?  Many researches have  shown that 45% of the users care mostly about performance and 28% let the design influence their decision. As we can see, design is a major factor while deciding for our next smartphone. And color plays a key role in design.

Elephone P25

During the past year, Elephone made some bold decisions regarding their smartphone design and the new elements they added, that many other manufacturers don’t dare to implement. And as they claim, this year is no exception either. The upcoming Elephone P25 with 5.5″ display will come in Mocha Gold color option. As for the design, the Mocha Gold metal body will not only please your eyes, but will fit comfortably in your hand also.

After the continuous efforts in 2016, 6GB RAM has already been leading the trend. The same goes for the ElephoneP25 that will feature 6GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

How do you like the Mocha Gold Elephone P25? What other colors do you believe would fit a mobile device best?