MGCOOL Explorer 2 will feature GPS function

by Dimitris Economou 5

As we all know, outdoor sports such as riding, skating, skydiving are very popular nowadays. All of them represent the beauty of life, that’s why action cameras are becoming popular fast. Cameras like GoPro, Yi, SJ cam etc are building their success upon action outdoor sports. These brands are well known to outdoor fans.

MGCOOL has been committed to the action camera a long time and possessed a few action cameras, like the MGCOOL Explorer, Explorer Elite and so on. All of the MGCOOL camera have been quite successful, especially in Europe and the US.

MGCOOL Explorer 2

In 2016,GoPro released Gopro Hero 5, which has GPS function. In 2017, the company plans to launch its new Explorer 2, which has all kind of functions to be comparable to other brands of action camera. Before this, MGCOOL had revealed a few functions of the new Explorer 2, such as touch screen,H.265 and 4k/30fps. At the same time, the new Explorer 2 also has GPS positioning function.

When shooting a lot of videos and photos, it is hard from a point on to remember every single location that you filmed. With the provided GPS it is easy to remember all of these wonderful places. Say for example that you take a ride in the forest and you discover a “paradise on earth” place. Just take your camera out, take a photo or shoot a video, and the GPS tag will help you find that place again in the future, easily. Or just use all the GPS information from your photos to create a map of your journey. Cool, huh?

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