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EleBox – A bluetooth speaker for the travelers

by Dimitris Economou 3

The EleBox Bluetooth speaker leaked online about two months ago, bringing beautiful design to a common accessory. Later on, some of its specs were made available and reported a 1.000mAh battery. That allows for 6 hours of continuous playback via Bluetooth 4.1. In addition, it features the Qualcomm JL 3.0 audio chip that delivers high quality sound as well as low power consumption.


The EleBox Bluetooth speaker is made of double shot molding. Crafted from silica gel for a skin-like finish, it is light and compact so that it fits in your hand. The front panel is glossy and smooth stainless steel. At only 178g, you can carry it with you everywhere. Or just leave it on the coffee table to double as a decorative too.

As for sound quality, besides the JL 3.0 chip, it features a concurrent uni-coaxial unit along with a Type J catheter for enhanced acoustics. Lastly, its mobility is its most loved feature. You can easily have it with you whether you are in the Caribbean for holidays or on your desk at work.

For more info, visit Elephone.


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  • Robert542

    Don’t forget to add it’s not only a speaker – it’s also a home decor item!

  • techi

    Wow! Already in love with the 2 colors (white excluded)
    But won’t the corners be sharp? It’s good when it’s coming in square but the corners would be a problem I guess.


    Yeah I saw it there in their official website. And the price was somewhat around $29