Elephone Secret 50% off limited sale

by Dimitris Economou 1

Elephone may have transferred its accessories business to its newly founded subsidiary company, MGCOOL, but has still some accessories left under its own brand name. One of them, is the uncommon flash drive Elephone Secret. A flash drive with an integrated fingerprint scanner for maximum security and privacy.

Elephone Secret

Elephone Secret protects your privacy to the maximum. The amount of storage is 64GB splits into 2 flexible spaces. Public Space and Private Space. The Private Space is only available when you place your finger on the flash drive. Moreover, you can set a time to make the Private Space lock automatically. In addition, the fingerprint flash drive Secret comes with an all-metal enclosure and new capacitance-type fingerprint sensor. It is able to quickly and accurately identify the fingerprint and record up to 5 fingers, just like a smartphone.

Lastly, EleSecret supports Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android system. It is now on New Year Sale, with  50% off in limited quantities. The sale starts at 18.00 GMT+8 on January 9th on the Elephone official website here.

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