The new No1 F2 smartwatch can go on a year without charging

by Dimitris Economou 1

No1 keeps surprising us with every model it releases. This year, the company will focus mainly on smartwatches and smartbands, although they have released some phones the past year too. After the No1 F1, a smartband similar to Mi Mand 2, they are ready to release the No1 F2, a smartwatch with professional looks, similar to some Garmin models.

No1 F2

But the most impressive feature of all, is its battery life. The company claims that it has a standby time of up to a year without charging. As for the rest of its features, it is more than enough equipped. As with all smartwatches, it supports SMS, Call and social network push notifications. Of course, a device like this couldn’t sport anything less than IP68 certification, which means that it’s dustproof as well as waterproof up to 30 meters below sea level. Odly enough, it doesn’t provide for heart rate monitoring, but if you connect it to it’s smartphone app, it supports altitude, air pressure, UV radiation and temperature readings. And for those who snor a lot, there is a sleep monitor as well.

No1 F2

Lastly, its battery capacity is 550mAh and it carries Bluetooth 4.0 chip. Below, you can see the official video that N01 uploaded to Youtube recently. It comes in three colors, Black, Green and Blue. More information are available here.

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