Get 50% off on Elephone P9000 accessory pack

by Dimitris Economou 0

A year and a half is an enormous time frame in technology. The Elephone P9000 was announced in June 2015 and it was considered a flagship device at that time. Unfortunately, it’s not any more although it still is a great device. Along with the price cut it receives frequently, Elephone decided that it should offer a price cut to its accessories as well.

So, let’s start from the basics. For most people, the basic accessory to have is a case. Personally, I prefer to use a flipcase instead of a case that covers only the back of the device. This keeps me from using a screen protector that usually make touch experience worse. The Elephone P9000 case comes in leather and has an activity window on the front so you can see notifications or answer calls without opening the case. Nevertheless, the company has added a screen protector as well.

Elephone P9000 accessory bundle

The rest of the bundle is all about charging. There is a Quick Charger (5V/2.5A) included as well as a wireless charger, since Elephone P9000 features wireless charging. Pretty convenient when you go to sleep. You just place your phone on the charger and it starts charging. Lastly, there is also a charging/data cable to complete the pack.

All of these normally cost $41.96 but you can now get them for half that, only $20.98. If you own or plan to buy a P9000, it’s a good deal to protect and charge your device. You can get it on the official Elephone store here.