HTC’s New Smartphones Will Be Called the U Play and U Ultra, Will Not Have 3.5mm Jacks

by Martin 0

HTC has been rather quiet on the device front for quite some time now but most recently the company has announced that it will be holding a launch event on January 12, days after CES 2017, where reports have claimed that the company plans to launch at least three new devices. A recent report has also claimed that the three devices HTC plans to launch next week have been granted the code names HTC Alpine, HTC Ocean Note, and HTC X10.



Now a new report has come in from popular leaker OnLeaks who has received information from an unverified source that revealed that the HTC Ocean Note will be officially called the U Ultra and will feature a humongous 6-inch display and no 3.5mm jack while the HTC Alpine will be called the U Play, sport a 5.2-inch display, and also come with no 3.5mm jack. This information implies that the two devices may very well be related.

As for the HTC X10, it would probably be safe to assume that it is an updated version of the X9, the mid-range smartphone the company released back in January of 2016. It is expected to feature a 5.5-inch full HD 1080p display as well as a MediaTek octa-core processor.

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It must be noted that all the reports and leaks so far, including this latest one, have been mostly unverified so it should be taken with a grain of salt. We’ll just have to wait for HTC’s launch event on January 12 to truly find out and confirm the devices the company is launching into the market this year.

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