Elephone Secret fingerprint flash drive 50% off starts at 6PM!

by Dimitris Economou 5

As we had informed you some days ago, Elephone will hold a 50% off event for its super secure flash drive, the Elephone Secret. Just to refresh your memory, the amount of storage is 64GB splits into 2 flexible spaces. Public Space and Private Space. The Private Space is only available when you place your finger on the flash drive. Moreover, you can set a time to make the Private Space lock automatically.

Elephone Secret

Is there anything in your flash disk that you don’t want others to know? Confidential files that should be protected from being copied or even things you want to keep from your lover or parents? All these brain teasers can be addressed with a little help from Elephone Secret as it keeps your files private, anytime, anywhere.

The all-metal, fingerprint-secured flash disk has two flexible storage spaces: Private space and Public space. As their name suggest, the public space works just like any other flash drive. On the other hand, the private space is accessible only to you, after you unlock it with your fingerprint. Just like your smartphone.

Of course, we would like to see USB 3.0 support for faster read/write times, but now that the start is made, we expect the next-gen Secret to have such a feature. The material used is Kirsite, an alloy containing zinc, aluminum and copper that makes the Elephone Secret more resistant to wear and tear.

Today the Elephone Secret will be available at 18:00 GMT+8 with 50% off on Elephone official website here.