IBM and Samsung Top List of Patent Filers in 2016, Apple Missing From List

by Martin 0

A list published by US-based company IFI CLAIMS Patent Services has revealed the top ten tech companies that filed the most patents in the United States in 2016 showing just how many new ideas these companies come up with each year.

Topping the list by a wide margin is IBM with over 8,088 patents filed or around 22 patents filed per day followed by Samsung and Canon with 5,518 (15/day) and 3,665 (10/day) patents filed, respectively.


Following the top three leaders are Qualcomm, Google, and Intel who have almost the same number of patents filed at almost 3,000 patents or around 8 patents per day.

The list is then closed out by LG, Microsoft, TSMC, and Sony with around 5-6 patents per day. Surprisingly, market leader Apple did not make it into the list at all.

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While the current patent system is essentially flawed, allowing for the existence of “patent trolls” and leading to a large and regular number of lawsuits every year, these numbers show just how each company is invested in innovating.

And while many of the patents filed may not make it into any actual products in the near future, it provides company’s some security when it comes to protecting their ideas.