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MGCOOL Explorer 2 World’s second 4K action camera with voice control

by Dimitris Economou 7

On January 7, YI Technology (a Xiaomi-backed company) officially released the world’s first 4K 60fps action camera YI 4K + on CES held in Las Vegas. The camera also features voice control function for the first time , supporting for video camera shutdown and other control and becoming the world’s third action camera which supports voice control . The first one is the Gopro Hero 5, however, the second actually came from the Chinese action camera manufacturer MGCOOL with the Explorer 2.

MGCOOL Explorer 2

Being a new company, probably not many people have heard of this brand before. But MGCOOL has indeed done a good job manufacturing action cameras for almost 3 years. Its already has 4 action cameras: Explorer, Explorer Pro, Explorer Elite and Cam 360. All of them have won overseas Consumers love.

On December 15, 2016, some media exposed that MGCOOL will launch a new action camera, MGCOOL Explorer 2 which will be comparable to Gopro Hero 5. MGCOOL has officially confirmed that the rumor is true. MGCOOL Explorer 2 became the world’s second action camera which supports voice control, about two weeks earlier than YI 4K +.

Our information say that MGCOOL Explorer 2 will support multiple language control and also customization of the voice you want to control it with. Thankfully, this will maximize your hands-free experience allowing you to better enjoy outdoor sports.

More information about MGCOOL, is available here.

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  • teen.angie

    Do you think this is a good choice for a creepshot/upskirt camera ? Hit me up on kik: teen.angie

  • John Brown

    Can this device be connected through WiFi or Bluetooth?

  • Jamie Singh

    Wonderful features ….but can it be used under water? What about the waterproof system?

  • Ricky Sen

    4k video recording with touchscreen and voice control… Also comes with GPS positioning…. I like this device…

  • Alex Morgan

    I like your brand work MGCOOL….. Waiting for other guys reviews on this device….then I will buy it….

  • Mark

    I’m eagerly waiting for this kamara since it was in news. Specifications are seems good enough. Like voice control, 4K at 30fps, design, touch screen and lot more.

  • Steven Pearson

    Still no details about pricing guys come on! It’s been long time I’m reading about this and already impressed totally but please reveal the price also so I can make my decision to buy this one.