FY G5 Handheld Gimbal Action Camera Stabilizer $38 off on TomTop (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 2

So, you bought your super action camera and you are ready to shoot your first action video. And then, you get back home to watch your masterpiece and you end up with a awfully shaky video. Worry not. Luckily, there are third party stabilizers that work much better than an OIS system integrated with the camera sensor. One of the best, is the FY G5 Handheld Gimbal.


What this stabilizer does, is always keep your camera steady, no matter what direction you move to or how many bumps you experience. By employing counterweights, it adjust the gravity center of your GoPro Hero 5 or other similar cameras. In addition, it is able to move in a 3-axis direction, it is splash proof and has a 4-way joystick to control its movement. Its 3000mAh gives the FY G5 an 8 hour lifetime. Below, you can watch a video with the gimbal in action.

Of course, a device this advanced isn’t going to be cheap. Thankfully, TomTop has an offer for you that reduces the price by $38. With the use of coupon FYG5 during checkout, the price goes down to $241 from $279. You can find the FY G5 on the link below.