LG G6 Rumored to be Released on March 10, One Month Ahead of Galaxy S8

by Martin 0

With CES 2017 done and over with, everyone’s eyes are now set on the next big technology conference of the year, the Mobile World Congress, where the biggest announcements in mobile technology are made every year. The Mobile World Congress is usually where companies like LG and Samsung unveil their next-generation flagship smartphones.


This year, it looks as if LG will be attempting to beat Samsung to the punch as the company has already confirmed that its next flagship, the G6, will be unveiled the Sunday before the beginning of the MWC. Additionally, it’s rumored that LG plans to release the G6 on March 10, less than two weeks after they officially announce it.

Last year, Samsung released its flagship Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge on March 11 while LG’s G5 came out on March 31. This year, it looks like the tables have been turned as a March 10 release date for the G6 would mean it will be released around a month ahead of the Galaxy S8 which is rumored to have a delayed release date of sometime in mid-April.

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Launching ahead of the Galaxy S8 on March 10 will not only give LG a head start at convincing potential customers to purchase their the G6 but the timing also falls right smack dab in the middle of back-to-school shopping season.