Does your smartphone give you a full day of usage like the UMi Z? (video)

by Dimitris Economou 2

Do you remember how your life was back when mobile phones were used only for calls and texts? It was a smartphone-free and internet-free era. Nowadays, as technology evolves, most of us have two lives. One on the internet and one in everyday life. Probably, you are like me or one of most users that glue their face on the smartphone screen, as smartphones have become our hand’s extension. From the moment you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is probably check you phone, and then, you start your day.


Maybe it’s time to confess our obsession on smartphones! Ok, just kidding. Since smartphones became what are nowadays, our lives have become a lot easier. In the old days but not so long ago, one may have been doing all these in a day: Read newspapers, watch TV, listen to radio, read books, read magazines, make phone calls, do business with people, etc. Now with one little device, we can do all these and more without moving around and believe it or not we can connect more with others.


The issue is, can we find a phone to help us go through the day with greater satisfaction? Because obviously, everyone knows we can’t really get our hands off our smartphone now. Since the market is practically infinite, there definitely is a device suitable for you. One of the latest flagships, the newly released UMi Z, claims that its can take you through the day easily, and then some more. Let’s take a look at how a Chinese smartphone can survive a day’s usage in China’s busy vibrant metropolis in the video that UMi has made. UMi Z is available for preorder with a $60 off its original price. Find more about it here.