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AGM X2/X2 Pro coming in March with high-end specs

by Dimitris Economou 5

AGM only recently released its first rugged smartphone, the AGM X1. Now, after a strong start, they are ready to go even further. The company is going to release two more devices, the AGM X2/X2 Pro with high-end specs. And from the current information, we assure you they are going to be awesome.


According to sources, the AGM X2 will feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 8xx Series SoC and a 5.5” Super AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 4. As for the battery, it is said that it will be a massive 6000mAh one for the X2 and 10000mAh battery for the X2 Pro. Since the X1 features dual camera, those two couldn’t be any different. So, dual Sony 16MP rear camera and 13MP front camera are on the menu and Android 7.0 OS out of box. Apart from that, it will feature several editions for more memory. There will be a 4GB/64GB version for X2 and a massive 8GB/128GB for X2 Pro. Possibly, it will be the second device to feature 8GB RAM. Of course, both of them will feature IP68 certification.

AGM X2/X2 Pro

Reportedly, both AGM X2 and X2Pro will be present at the MWC in Barcelona from February 27 to March 2. As for the price and release date, they remain a mystery. Given the specs, it should come as no surprise that AGM X2 will be a killer product like Galaxy S8 in the market if the source comes true. We will pay attention to this Chinese smartphone company and see what comes next.

Lastly, the AGM X1 is now available for purchase. More information is available here.

AGM X2/X2 Pro

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    so much arrogance but NO TYPE C ?!

    LAME !

  • Wolvie

    $330 for the low spec x1 ??? then how much for a X2 ????

    • Santiago Boscolo

      i read that the price of an agm x1 will be below after Barcelona and the price of agm x2 is arround 400$. I am waiting for the agm x2 i want the battery of 10000 mhA

  • hotphil

    A rugged phone with specs I’m actually interested in.
    Even if doesn’t have band 28, I’ll be ordering at least one.
    And as for people moaning about lack of USB-C, well, it’s not an issue for me. And I won’t have to buy a set of new cables.

  • John Bairstow

    I Liked it because of brilliant features and stunning Look. It will be a tough competitor of Top brand smartphones.