OnePlus 3T Gunmetal gets $20 off on Oppomart (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 0

OnePlus 3T is the latest flagship of OnePlus. After the OnePlus 3 and the great success it had, the company decided not to wait too long and released an upgraded version. The OnePlus 3T has small but important differences from its predecessor. The most important, is the battery capacity that now is 3400mAh instead of 3000mAh. The heart of the device, the SoC, is the SD821, the latest flagship SoC from Qualcomm.

OnePlus 3T



Also, the front camera went up from 8MP to 16MP and there is an additional storage capacity of 128GB. Lastly, the Graphite color is replaced by Gunmetal in the 3T. This color (Gunmetal), gets a $20 discount on Oppomart. What is important as well, is that it is valid for both storage options. And since the 128GB version is out of stock in many countries on the official store, it is a good chance to get it from Oppomart that has it available.

To get the $20 off discount, just select the version you want and use coupon OP3T20 during checkout. What is even better, the online shop offers EU Expedited shipping that keeps you off any additional taxes.