Galaxy S8 3D Renders Released

by Martin 1

The official unveiling and launch of Samsung’s next-generation flagship, the Galaxy S8, is still a few months away with the company announcing that it has delayed the launch of the S8 from its usual schedule during the Mobile World Congress in February to a few months back in April to make sure that the issues that plagued the Note 7 would not affect the S8. Luckily though, we can now get a glimpse of what the Galaxy S8 will look like as 3D renders of the new flagship have been released online.




Looking at the three images released today, the biggest change that seems to be coming to the Galaxy S8, if the renders are accurate, is the removal of the physical home button from the bottom front of the device. According to previous rumors, the home button is now located on-screen and the fingerprint sensor has been moved under the glass so you’ll be able to scan your fingerprint by placing it on a certain location on the display.

The images also show that the curved edged display on the Galaxy S8 has now been stretched further to pretty much push the bezels out of sight and combined with the removal of the physical home button will make the display of the Galaxy S8 definitely larger than the S7 Edge. The top and bottom of the S8 also show speaker grills revealing that it will feature stereo speakers and unlike many phones being announced recently, Samsung has decided to keep the 3.5mm port on the S8.

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Surprisingly though, the Galaxy S8 doesn’t seem to feature a dual camera system at its rear but it’s rumored that only the Galaxy S8 Plus variant will actually come with the dual camera system so we may be looking at the regular Galaxy S8 model. We’ll have to wait until its expected launch date on April 18 to find out and confirm everything about the Galaxy S8.