MGCOOL Launches Explorer 1S Action Camera

by Martin 1

MGCOOL, a fairly new company that appeared sometime last year with their line of affordable action cameras and other gadgets, is starting out the New Year by launching a new action camera – the Explorer 1S.


According to MGCOOL, the Explorer 1S features an NT96660 processor coupled with a Sony IMX078 camera sensor. It is capable of shooting 4K video at 24 frames per second with four different angle options – 70-degrees, 110-degrees, 140-degrees, and 170-degrees. Like the original Explorer, the Explorer 1S is also equipped with a 2-inch LDC display, a microSD card slot that supports up to 64GB, a waterproof body up to 30 meters, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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The company has yet to announce the exact release date and pricing of the Explorer 1S but that information should be announced by the company soon. Additionally, MGCOOL is also planning to release the Explorer 2 later this year. According to the company, it is releasing multiple cameras (the Explorer, the Explorer 1S, and Explorer 2) with “different strengths to meet the needs of consumers at different levels.”