Samsung Display Videos Could Feature Galaxy S8 Prototype

by Martin 1

Samsung Display released two new videos yesterday showing off the company’s latest AMOLED display technology. While the content of both videos is in Korean and isn’t understandable, the two videos show what looks like a prototype of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship.


Looking at the device in the videos, it features thin top and bottom bezels and the absence of a physical home button which, based on leaks and renders, is expected from the Galaxy S8. The reason we say the phone featured in the videos is a prototype is because it features a flat display panel and according to previously released leaks and renders of the Galaxy S8, it is expected to feature the company’s dual-curved edge display as a standard instead of having a flat panel model and an alternative Edge model.

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Instead of a separate Edge model like the Galaxy S7, a premium Galaxy S8 is reportedly planned for release and will feature a larger 6-inch display as well as a dual rear camera system instead of a single rear camera system which leaked renders have shown is to be featured on the standard Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 is expected to be launched on April 18, 2017, so more information on the new device is expected to come out as the release of the new flagship draws closer.