Designed in fashionable orange color, MGCOOL Explorer 2 is one of a kind

by Dimitris Economou 2

In the field of sports camera, it seems that the design of most cameras is a stereotype and it is following the same pattern as GoPro cameras. Either in black or in silver, no innovation and individual features. And as other products have proved over the last decades, design is one of the most important factors of a device.

MGCOOL Explorer 2

In order to earn a place in the massive market share, not only the camera’s own hardware should achieve high quality and meet high requirements, but also the design should be unique. For that reason, MGCOOL’s latest product Explorer 2 is going to be different. And it is abandoning familiar patterns by adopting Bold Orange in the color utilization. Orange is warm and gives a stately, noble, mysterious feeling. This color makes the Explorer 2 more attractive and one of a kind.

MGCOOL Explorer 2

Unique body design accompanied by a powerful hardware configuration is what MGCOOL Explorer 2 consists of, so it has two of the most important ingredients to become successful. And the company is very confident in that.

To learn more about MGCOOL and its products, visit their Official Site. Or like their Official Facebook Page if you prefer.

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