ZUK Z2 ZUI 2.5 Update Starts Rolling Out As Well

by Martin 2

Last week, we reported that a major update for ZUK’s ZUI OS was expected to roll out this week for the ZUK Z2 and Z2 Pro and Lenovo began rolling out the ZUI 2.5 update to the Z2 Pro yesterday. Today the update has started rolling out for the ZUK Z2 as well.


At an event in China, the company announced and confirmed previous reports that the new ZUI 2.5 update is based on Android 7.0 Nougat and the new update should reach all Z2 and Z2 Pro users by next Friday during the Spring festival. The new update brings with it a new custom lock screen among others new features.

The company also said that it plans to roll out the update to the ZUK Z1 although it has yet to announce when. It must be noted though that the new major update is limited to only the Chinese version of the Z2, Z2 Pro, and the Z1 and the company has yet to give word on when the update will be released for the global versions of their devices, if at all.

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Additionally, the company also announced that the Z2 and the 6GB/128GB variant of the Z2 Pro will be receiving price cuts. The ZUK Z2’s price will go down to 1,399 Yuan (~US$204) from 1,799 Yuan (~US$262) while the Z2 Pro will receive a large 600 Yuan (~US$88) price cut, bringing its price down to only 2,099 Yuan (~US$306).

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